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Dr. Sanja Paleksic at 2250 Bovaird Drive East in Brampton, Ontario

Dr. Sanja Paleksic in 2250 Bovaird Drive East, Ontario: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

Phone: +1 905-497-1023


2250 Bovaird Drive East,
Brampton, Ontario
L6R 1Z1
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Reviews about Dr. Sanja Paleksic

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    ALERT!!! I had such a terrible experience, first they booked me for end of July after a 3 month wait, and then they called me to re-book me because she will not be available.then I get there for my 12:30pm appointment she takes me at 1:15pm, absolutely unacceptable. Then on top of that you have to pay for your parking so angry. She asked me why my doc is sending me to so many doc's I'm in pain how dare you ask such A ridiculous question. She doesn't know how to deal with patients at all. I was answering her questions and she was rolling her eyes with attitude and flipping her hair. I don't care if you are a Dr it doesn't give you the right to talk and treat people this way. I got very upset with her and told her we are done, and I asked her why are you rolling your eyes after I answer your questions. She has the nerve to tell me I never rolled my eyes.. I'm not blind lady!! I got up and she opened the door wand you can see that she was angry, She used her hand pointing her me to leave her office. She said okay we can do this another time, she was talking under her breath... She mentioned rescheduling me back. I told her I will NEVER COME BACK TO YOU AGAIN!! I have never ever seen such unprofessional from any doctor as I seen from her. And the way she got up from her chair and raise her voice after our confrontation Unacceptable!!! She should not be in practice at all!!
    by Mary Chatz
    April 16, 2017
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    You have to pay for parking here. Dr Paleksic lacks knowledge and was unable to provide any valuable feedback or recommendations. She was of no help and left me feeling highly disrespected. She wasn't professional and didn't even try to care or put in any effort into my case. Avoid at all costs.
    by jeremy stox
    February 09, 2017
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About Dr. Sanja Paleksic in Brampton

Dr. Sanja Paleksic is located at 2250 Bovaird Drive East, Brampton, Ontario.